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"Mexico City...end of the Millenium...neo millenium. Universal cycle of improvement, implicit dynamics in everything known to human beings. Changes in our own lives, ruled by the accelerated temporality. Distorted unreal perception of reality, molded by incongruence and disturbed acts. Organized chaos, manipulating, using and destroying the masses, unavoidable duel between reasons and feelings, tearing both sides of the balance, stripping the flesh from our bodies and exposing the truth beyond everything..." Cenobita 2000


Cenobita's history begins in 1993, in Mexico City, born from the ashes of an alternative band named Nefelheim. Omar and Claus met by way of the former drummer July (ex-Masacre 68). Because of mutual interest in all sorts of electronic music, they decide to integrate ideas together and form a new project focused in electronic music, with background distorted guitar, percusive sequences, aggresive rythms, and melodies in a crossover-cyberpunk style, since the beginning, it was established that guitars will always be on backgrounds and never to rise over electronics, and vocals should be harsh, as Claus and Omar say: "...we agreed of using distortion for the voice, since the first time, because we think that is the best way to express the meaning of our lyrics, cyberpunk is our motive, and it needs of acid, irritating and harsh textures, as our own environment is...". Because of their mutual interest of cience fiction and the firm certainty of the concepts and precepts exposed by Father of Cyberpunk, William Gibson and his master piece bible "Neuromancer", Omar and Claus decide that they will have cyberpunk as their future subject in lyrics.

So they start off their work, Omar on voice and Claus on machines, influenced aside of cyberpunk literature, by bands such as Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy, Einsturzënde Neubauten, Front Line Assembly, Leather Strip, Mentallo and the Fixer, :Wumpscut:, yelworC, etc. After working on songs, it was a must to play it live, so the first appearence of Cenobita, was in August 1994, along with Hocico, in a memmorable gig, as they were 2 electronic acts just rising in the underground scene, with a different, fresh and in your face proposal. This show was considered the birth of Cenobita. From here on, they dedicate their time to find new places to play, as venues were completely unexisting for electronic music. Their first song ever made by the band, "Genetica Mecanca", was offered to local label "Opción Sónica", for an electronic compilation named "From Trance to Cyber", the label accepted the song, and it had to be recorded again. The CD was released in 1995, the breakthrough year in mexican electronic music scene, and it made Cenobita receive numerous positive comments, and the recognition of media people as the new talents in underground, due to the style established by the band.

By then, electronic music was almost unexisting in Mexico, and Cenobita was a fundamental part to the establishment of the actual electronic scene. Their first release was at that time, and it was named "Cybertuality", it was a demo tape, consisting on 6 songs: Genética Mecánca, Valentino Muerto, Fugitivo, Constructor, Niño Atómico and Angel Desnudo. All of them with spanish lyrics, where they were experimenting on their own soung with atmospheres and melodies. They begin to gig around, have a few interviews and some radio and T.V. shows. The band and the tape gets very positive reviews, in such countries as Australia and France. They have begun to forge a name for themselves, and they started being recognized as one of the main pillars in the newly rising electronic music scene in México.

During that same year, some electronic bands in Mexico City, decided to form an all electronic bands association, having as a main objective, the exposure of the electronic sound, suggesting a free state of mind, for new forms of artstic expressions in the underground. The gathering was called "Corporación", formed by the bands Cenobita, Deus Ex Machina (RIP), Hocico, Kristi Artefaktum (RIP), Oxomaxoma and Soucerx (RIP). With hard work, they showed the new tendencies for electronics, as a new alternative in music, from such different styles as electro, crossover, techno dark, cyberpunk, industrial, ebm, etc, The common goal has always been persued, featured by friendship and good will among participants. Loyalty and Honor will always be needed to remain as a member of Corporación, Mother of All Organizations.

Towards the end of this year, electronic music scene was bookmarked for ever. This happened when Cenobita, played at the "Museo Universitario del Chopo" along with techno pop band, Digitus Lex. During this concert, a show was proposed with Cenobita and performance group "La Compañía" (RIP) leadered by Antonio Barked. Because of the great acceptance and the size of the event. Omar Flo, decided to create an annual Festival in that venue, and he talked to the Museum Director at that time Mr. Rene Villanueva. The venue was perfect, as it was considered the "Industrial Temple". So then the "Electronic Music and Arts Encounter" was born, and celebrated in February 1996, structured and standardized by Corporacion, to promote the work of electronic mexican acts, participating at that time were the bands Oxido Conkreto, Portent, Krimenia, Dulce Líquido and Ogo.

"Visiones" was the name of the second demo tape, released by this year. On this release reality is analized by the beholder of life. Once again the visions of the cenobite take place, originating from here and now to onwards, feedbacked by general crisis, product of modernitiy, transmiting from Mexico's own present to a future with virtual tint. "Etnia", "Ensamblaje", "Régimen", "Testigo", "Neurosis Positiva", "Escape", "94-1", "Promesa Perdida", "Anticoncepción" and "Mythos", are the encapsulated visions of this sound work, again with lyrics in spanish, running along for 3720 microseconds it takes us to new horizons, showing maturity reached by Claus Bita and Omar Flo, stamping their own style, through electro aggression. Slow atmospheres, post-industrial landscapes, danceable sequences and some 150 b.p.m explotions. Electro-cyberpunk at it's best. Once again this Cenobita rised some very attractive reviews all over. The 500 copies were immediately sold out, and it is now a cult tape, practically unreachable.

During 1997 and 1998, Cenobita took their time to show their work, having some problems because of the lack of venues, promoters and events. Activity was slowered down, because of some personal activities engaged by Claus and Omar. Towards the end of 1998, Cenobita started the process of what would be the next release. During the upcoming months, they worked on the new songs, and by the first quarter of 1999, the went into the studio to record what would be the first album. "Neo Milenio", conceived during the previous years, from terminal ideas of a dying millenium, to that new monster opening in front of us, bringing new proposals and new hopes ahead at the end of horizon. The recording took place in "En Las Faldas del Ajusco" studio, where Hocico recorded their first album, serving Rogelio Gómez as engineer, and Edmundo Navas as executive producer. The final work was released in October 1999 for "Opción Sónica".

"Neo Milenio" has 11 songs in english and spanish: "Prisionero", "Dependency", "Earth", "Cairo", "Cristo 2000", "Insurrection", "Intolerar", "Confessions", "Mensaje", "Scabious Snout" and "Gente" The new songs are marked by a radical difference. The guitar has been dropped, and left her place to the synthesis itself, abbortion of hybrid sounds of analogue-digital mutations, distorting the root of sounds and regenerated according to dominant technology, industrialized rythms, recycled sound files for a maximum assimilation and digitalized voices penetrating neuronal systems. For this latest album, a special release was planned. And in October 23, 1999, a show with Einsturzënde Neubauten was given in Mexico City, as a release presentation, showing the crowd a brand new Cenobita, influenced by the irritating human nature, and modern society modus vivendi, transposed to a future-past of an escentially Cyberpunk style.

Cenobita is processor and thinker, Cenobita is contemplator and algorythmic, Cenobita is a wise anchorite, Cenobita is wire and artery, Cenobita is cyberpunk, Cenobita is sublime noise, Cenobita is the truth, Cenobita is blood and oil, Cenobita is cartilage and welding, Cenobita is evolution and renewal, Cenobita is neo millenium...is neo millenium...

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Concerto - 22 de Junho no Trilogia Bar, Rua S. João, 48 - Porto (Portugal)